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"We are a leader in restorative excellence. Specializing in Cosmetic & Implant cases."

CT Scan Appliance

Newtech Dental Laboratories is an authorized lab partner for Biohorizons and Keystone Dental to fabricate CT Scan Appliances.


Newtech Implant Center – Your partner for implant success!

Leading dental clinicians choose Newtech Dental Laboratories for all phases of implant reconstruction. Since 1979, we have successfully fabricated over 18,000 implant cases ranging from single tooth implant to screw retained hybrid fixed-removable implant prosthesis.

Our team of implant specialists has the training, experience and expertise to assist you with case design, case plan and case estimate to the final delivery of the prosthesis.

We make implant dentistry simple!

Simply take a fixture level impression and provide copy of your surgeon’s letter, counter model & bite registration. We will evaluate after pouring soft tissue model and contact you to discuss restorative options, lab sequencing protocol and provide you with a case fee estimate.

Rely on us to help you with all your implant restorations. Send us your next implant case!

Implant Options:

Fixed Porcelain Fused to Metal Implant Prosthetics

Our goal is to create a natural-looking emergence to ensure optimal gingival health and a beautiful crown restoration. Select from a prefabricated stock abutment, custom UCLA castable abutment or CAD/CAM milled abutment. Milled abutments are available in titanium or zirconia.

Several choices of abutment are available for a cement retained case: 1) prefabricated stock abutment 2) castable UCLA custom abutment 3) CAD/CAM milled abutment.

Primary advantage for using stock abutments is cost. Since stock abutments are restricted to a predetermined number of collar heights to allow margin placement and angles, usually 10 to 25 degrees, they are not ideal for off angled implants and those placed in less than ideal locations. In instances where the emergence profiles need to be expanded, to correct misangled implant placement or even increase abutment length to support cemented crown, you are faced with compromised results. Stock abutments are typically suited for premolars or molars.

For the aesthetic zone a castable UCLA custom abutment is ideal as it allows you to customize the emergence profile, crown margin depth and abutment angulations. Select white noble alloy or yellow high noble alloy. Major drawback with using a castable UCLA custom abutment is cost primarily due to additional labor and market price of gold.

CAD/CAM technology has revolutionized fabrication of implant abutments. We can virtually design the abutments and have it milled from a solid block of titanium or zirconium. This technology allows us to create custom abutments to practically any angle, taper, finish line, height and width to create the most natural form and emergence profile. Since the milling of the abutment is done at the implant manufacturer the only drawback is time. We need minimum 12 working days to complete the abutment and final crown restoration. If a rush (less than 12 days) is necessary the only option is for us to cast a UCLA abutment as we can turn around a completed restoration in 6 working days.

Removable Overdenture

We are experienced in all phases of attachment applications (Locator or ERA, Hader clip), and CAD/CAM precision milled bars. These removable implant solutions provide you with quality restorations that utilize the latest technology for a reasonable and consistent price.

Screw Retained Fixed Hybrid (Highwater Bar Overdenture) 

This is a screw-retained restoration requiring a minimum of four to six implants. The prosthesis is removable only by the doctor, and can be fabricated both in the more conventional "high-water" restoration and in fixed bridge. Either a cast framework or CAD/CAM precision milled bar wrapped in acrylic with denture teeth. Patients love it! This design is less expensive to fabricate, is light weight, is highly esthetic and is easier to repair.


We offer CAD/CAM Abutments

Encode milled Abutment


NobelProcera milled Abutment

Atlantis milled Abutment


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