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Taking things apart and putting them back together. As an adolescent, that is what Hubert Jasinski, founder of Newtech Dental Laboratories, liked to do with most mechanical contraptions he could lay his hands on from stereos, clocks, lawn mower engines - basically anything mechanical. For Hubert, the appreciation for and ease of comprehending engineering & mechanical dynamics was second nature. Plus he has a natural gift of having good spatial perception skills which is critical in designing, planning, communicating & fabricating teeth.  

His mother, Jadwiga Jasinski, was a dental technician in England and through her encouragement; he decided to pursue the dental lab career. He visited several local laboratories in the mid 1970’s to learn about the lab business and liked what he saw (as the work involved precise, mechanical, technical processes). He trained and worked with a well regarded dentist in Center City as an in-house dental technician in 1977 and shortly afterwards, Hubert decided to start his own lab in the basement of his mother’s house focused on fabricating the conventional porcelain to metal restorations.

In 1981, Hubert incorporated his lab and renamed it to Newtech Dental Laboratories, a name chosen for its symbolic meaning relating to the pursuit of fabricating quality dental restorations using the highest quality and latest materials on the market.

In 1985, Hubert purchased a 2,000 sq ft firehouse on Garfield Avenue in West Point and relocated the lab out of his parent’s basement. Over the next decade, Newtech Dental Laboratories grew to 13 employees and expanded its’ services to include removable partial and complete dentures and implants.


Again, faced with lack of space and parking for employees and visions to grow larger, Hubert decided to purchase a 6 acre undeveloped land with plans to build a 10,000 square foot state of the art laboratory. The primary focus was to change the laboratory image from a “mom & pop” run operation to a professional laboratory service provider and positioning it to continue growth in the years to come.

Newtech Dental Laboratories is now located on 1141 Smile Lane, Lansdale, Pennsylvania 19446. The lab facility includes a custom shading room where patients can be brought in to finalize the desired cosmetic appearance and a conference/lecture room to hold continuing education programs. Today, the laboratory currently employs a team of 115+ total staff.

Our goal in the years ahead is to continue to offer high quality dental restorations (aesthetic and functional), provide surgical/restorative case consultation & planning services for complete full arch implant rehabiliation, adopt new technologies including CAD/CAM applications to fabricate traditional PFM and removable denture alternatives, and practice transition planning & guidance.

We look forward to serving all of your restorative needs!

Hubert C. Jasinski, President / Owner

Amish Shah, CDT/MDT General Manager



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